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Change: Without Growth, There is No Life

“To improve is to change, to perfect is to change often” – Winston Churchill

Since the start, we have worked to inspire our followers to set goals, to achieve them, then to set more. We believe that by achieving your goals, you take a step closer to being your best self. However, it is important to understand that achievement never manifests without growth, and opportunities for growth have a way of disguising themselves as the most difficult time of your life. Our message to you is to trust in yourself. Know that it is through the toughest of times that you learn the most. Believe that the darkness provides the best opportunity for improvement, and allows the good times to come to light.

Achievement is success through effort, courage and skill. It is hoisting the championship trophy after a long season of wins and losses. It is an idea that is celebrated in every aspect of life but is often much easier talked about than obtained. Achievement is what the world sees after hard work, perseverance and discipline have been executed behind closed doors. Nevertheless, the most important aspect of achievement is growth. Nobody in life starts out great at anything. It is through diligent focus on growing individually that we find ourselves achieving greatness.

Growth is a concept that is fairly easy to understand and we recognize it from a very early age. As our hair grows long in between trips to the barber’s and our bodies ache with growing pain, we are reminded that without growth there is no life. We know that no caterpillar will become a butterfly without first becoming a pupa; no athlete will become a professional without pursuing and committing themselves to constant growth in their game. Growth allows us an opportunity to impress ourselves, to achieve more than we ever believed – growth allows our dreams a chance to become a reality.

The road to growth and achievement consists of peaks and valleys, and many of these growth opportunities are found in times of hardship and struggle. In 1957, nine African American students risked physical and psychological abuse, ridicule and racism in an effort to dismantle a system that made judgements based on race, instead of evaluating students based on educational abilities. Though turmoil, this group of nine individuals spearheaded a movement that would help wipe out segregation throughout and allowed the United States of America to grow to achieve greater equality.

In February 1980, the American hockey team won the gold medal in the XIII winter Olympic games. This group of twenty college kids from Boston and Minnesota came together to not only become the youngest team to ever win a gold medal in the games but beat arguably the greatest team to ever play the sport. To start out, many of the players were rivals but through commitment, hard work and growth, this group of kids gave us the greatest miracle in sports history.

Life demands the good times and the bad. Good times allow us the opportunity to enjoy the fruits of our labor while tough times allow us an opportunity to grow. Life isn’t meant to be filled singularly with good times – as an Arabian Proverb says, “Sunshine all the time makes a desert”. Our message to you: embrace the struggle of today. Seek out opportunities to grow and you will achieve the world. Focus on the areas needing improvement, and never ever peak.

~Set Goals. Achieve Them. Then Set More.



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