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7 Simple Ways to Be Happier in 2021

1. Think Smarter about Social Media & Phone Usage If you watched the Social Dilemma in 2020, you already know some of the many dangers of social media. Here are a few tips to play it safe on your phone/social media in 2021: Set Phone Screen Time Limits Set Social Media Time Limits Unfollow some of the many entertainment accounts you follow - you won't miss them, and they won't miss you. Follow the right accounts to make you productive, happy and healthy! We suggest @EdMylett , @GaryVee , @Steven , @BFitKunkel , @words_worth_billions . This is an easy way to surround yourself with better people. Article: How your phone can help you instead of hurting you 2. Create Better Habits Remember, "We are...

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Celebrate Sacrifices

Reflecting on the sacrifices that have been made for you can be a very humbling experience - especially when you realize that people only make sacrifices for the people and things that they believe in...

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